Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am not a Gym kind of girl. In fact I belonged to the Gym once and I still have uncomfortable flashbacks of sweaty old men pumping iron, whilst glancing in the mirror at their growing bi-ceps. Or un-naturally orange women who are there 3 times a day obsessing over their tans and figures. Not fun for me.
I know the Gym isn't all bad. There's those high-energy aerobics classes, the pools and the saunas. But given a choice I would much rather be outside running up a hill with the fresh wind in my hair, or swimming in a lake. In fact running up the big hill in Cedar City is exactly what I've been doing every day, pushing my boys in the double jogger. It has been awesome. Until it snowed.

So whats a girl to do? How do I get those elated feelings, those natural highs, those endorphins I need, in this snowy city? How do I get through this Winter without getting the blues?

So I called the Gym. I made an appointment and went to check it out. The equipment and aerobics classes greeted me like an old friend. Afterall, I used to work out in Gyms in my single days, and I knew just what to do. I got excited thinking about jumping up and down to music again.
But this time I wasn't walking in alone. I had my precious kids in tow. The big, muscly, manager said hello, and immediately asked if I had any questions. "Yes I have questions", I answered eagerly.
"Is your day-care state certified? Are your staff trained in infant and child CPR? Do you clean and sanitize the toys regularly? Do you allow people to carelessly drop off their sick kids? Do you let the kids cry or do you go get their parents? How many staff are in here at all times with the kids? How do you handle behavioural problems? Does the day-care staff interact with the kids or just watch them? Have you ever had any serious incidents I should be concerned about in this day-care?"

Big, muscly manager answered all my questions just as eagerly, assuring me that my kids will love Gym day-care. "It will improve their socialization," he says. Yah right. I still felt really uneasy about leaving my kids in there. Call it my mommy heart, call it my gut instinct. We played in the day-care for a few minutes, then left. I drove home thinking that I would just like to get some endorphins, not be a mom who questions everything. But I am a mom who questions everything.
So I guess I'll go home and do an aerobics video, content with boys playing in the other room. Until the snow melts, of course.

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