Saturday, December 20, 2008

Proj-ing out

We'd call it Proj-ing out, back in high school when you'd just spend the evening in your room working on some project, zoning out. "So whatdja do last night?" "Oh, I was just proj-ing out in my room, listening to music and stuff."
I guess I have been proj-ing out more than normal lately and it's been really fun. That's one thing I do love about the snow. You have to be inside most of the time--proj-ing out. :)

So here's whats been keeping me up late at night:
1. Wrap around skirts. Three yards of fabric and an easy-to-follow pattern. Love em!
2. Ornaments with Zadok, out of popsicle stix, toll paint, glitter, and stars.
3. Forty home-made bean bags for kids spending the holidays at the hospital.
4. Sewing hula wraps for the "activity days" girls to wear at our Hukilau performance.
5. Perfecting my wholesome-homemade bread recipe. (adding a little soy flour is Mmmmmm)
6. Sewing a stocking for Odin
7. Mei-tai's for Leilani, Hilary, and Andrea

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