Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stokes' Christmas Card Game

The Stokes' kids-ready for another round of the Christmas Card Game.

Save your Christmas Cards every year and you will have a fun family tradition. I have fond memories of playing the "Christmas Card Game" at Grandma Lois's house, and hope to play every year with my family now. Dad just reminded me of all the rules, so here they are if you forgot, or if you want to start playing!

Players: 1-10 (or more if you want a really long game)
Materials: leftover Christmas Cards from friends and family, all shapes and sizes.
Objective: be the first person to get rid of all your cards.
Each person gets 10 cards.
Decide who goes first.
The first person lays a card down in the middle and names an object. (ex: Christmas tree, snowy pond, a frog, baby Jesus, red ornament, the word "Noel").

Then person to the left looks through their cards to see if they have it.If the person to the left has it, then that player puts down his or her card in the middle, and names an object on it.

If the person to the left doesn't have it, then the play continues around, until it reaches the original namer. However, If someone has the object, then they pick a new object, and get to release one of their cards, and pick something new on that card.

If it comes back to the original namer and he doesn't have the object, then he names something new on the card. And round and round it goes.

First person to get rid of all their cards, Wins.
You can keep playing until everyone is out (except the last person, the LOSER.)

Christmas Cards tips from Bill Stokes:

Smart players will name something on the card that they notice was on one of their other cards. Also, naming really unique things that the others might not have is an advantage. E.g., if you notice that two of your cards have elves with green slippers, you would say "an elf with green slippers" instead of "an elf."

A 10 card game is a long game. You can shorten a game by dealing out less cards. Also, it's polite not to pour over your cards to see whats on them when it is your turn to name an object. You should do that when it's someone Else's turn.

A real good player will have looked at their cards and see where they can win the game by placing one card after another. They have their cards lined up in their hand where an object on one card will lead to an object on the next card which will lead to an object on the next card, etc.


Unknown said...

You also need to watch out for that sly player who will purposely name a random, oddball object not found on any cards, just as a stalling technique when needing more time to look over his or her cards.

Sally Jackson said...

Would that be Dad?