Thursday, January 1, 2009


Eight years ago today I was in a struggle, and I had to make a decision. You see, God had answered a very pleading prayer from a very confused girl, and I couldn't turn my back on Him now. Knowing so deep in my heart that He had answered my prayer, and that it was so direct and so specific to what I needed, there was no way I could deny Him again.
With so many questions, so many doubts, so many things to believe, all I wanted was some rest for my soul, and some direction for my life's path.
In this great struggle, angels came my way, in the form of loving friends. On this particular day (January 1, 2002) my friend Dave says to me," Why don't you just make a commitment? Do what you think God wants you to do, obey Him, then come to church every week, and see what happens."
So I did. I promised myself I would try it. Then maybe I could sleep at night, or stop struggling with it in my head, or stop fighting against whatever was tugging at me in all these confusing directions.
Right way
It didn't happen all at once, this conversion. But each week as I did what I had committed to do, my whole life headed into a new direction. Suddenly I was finding peace, rest, answers, fullfillment, and a driven feeling so profound that I could've burst with happiness each day. I had found the right way.
I get down on my knees each day and thank God for helping me find my path. I am amazed at the path I have taken. I am amazed that all it took was one pleading prayer to change everything.
My Faith.


Unknown said...

Very very beautiful Sal and so wonderful. As we move along on our life path we are constantly growing and learning - "evolving" as some call it. But the very best time is when we discover that place which brings us our personal peace and knowing our complete selves. Once that happens, everything that follows is pure joy since each experience presents itself as a celebrated miracle and we realize that every person-event matters and all prayers are answered. All my love, Mama

Trish&Heath said...

Sally that was very touching. thank you for sharing! maybe someday i'll be courageous enough to share something so personal on my blog.