Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday. Today I am not in Hawaii right now having dinner at some exotic ethnic restaurant, followed by a movie, followed by a delicious helping of Ghiradelli ice-cream. And I wish I was! I truly miss my outings with Dad!

Some of my most favorite memories are driving out to Honolulu for a date with my Dad! I would get in my car about 4pm and gas up for the long drive thru the pineapple fields, past dirty Wahiawa, past Aiea stadium, and along the H-1. I would always hit traffic once I got closer to Honolulu, but I didn't care because I was excited to see Dad. I would get off at my exit, and go past all the government buildings, the Queen Liliokalani Palace, and the Kamehameha Statue. Finally, my Dad's office. The P.U.C.
The building doors were always locked so I'd throw rocks at his office window to let him know I was there.
Then out would come my Dad, ready for a night out on the town with me. We would get in my bomber car and off we'd go!

He always had a list of restaurants to choose from. "What do you feel like this week?" he would ask. "There's a new Korean restaurant downtown, or we could try that Thai food one in Waikiki. Or how about Indian food, or Greek food, or Filipino food, or Balinese food?"
He always kept up on the latest restaurant openings, so we'd never feel dull on our culinary adventures. I don't think we ever ate at the same place twice, unless it had something really amazing to offer. (Like Evil Prince Panang Curry).
Each week was always a tasty adventure.

After stuffing ourselves with yummy food, we'd always head to a movie. We'd usually see thelatest box office hits, however, we went through a short phase of watching foreign films at the Independent theater near Manoa University. One of my favorites was this German film (with English sub-titles) where this couple who couldn't conceive a baby, adopted a tree root. Then the tree got really big and started eating everybody. I forget what it was called, but I remember us laughing hysterically at the craziness of it all.

I have to admit that my food adventures have derailed over the past couple years. Idaho and Utah aren't exactly the places to find exotic cuisine.
But, thanks to all these wonderful memories with my Dad, I can never say I haven't tried some of the most delicious foods on Earth.

(And yes, I tried the chocolate-covered squid you sent me. It was.....interesting)
HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to the Dad who is dependable and in control, but is never a bore!

My last outing with Dad before I moved to the mainland. Leilani, Genevieve, and Taylor, too!