Sunday, February 22, 2009

(baby) Food for thought

Stories about breastfeeding bring tears to my eyes. My "New Beginnings" magazine came in the mail this past week and I just read the whole thing today. It is a publication by La Leche League International.
It is filled with warm and happy stories about families who choose to breastfeed, sometimes with difficult challenges. Every story, weather it be a message of hope and encouragement to those who are having a hard time, or just sweet memories of mothers who love their breastfeeding experience, I cry tears of happiness for this wonderful art of caring for our babies.

At an LLL meeting up in Idaho I met a courageous woman who told me the following story:

Several months after she had her baby she got really sick. She became so ill she had to be hospitalized. She was still able to hold and breastfeed her baby until she got so sick she entered into a delirious coma-like condition.
When she woke up 3 days later her mother-in-law was right there to tell her the most amazing thing (I've ever heard.)
For the past 3 days this kindhearted mother-in-law would come into the hospital with the baby and hold her gently up to the woman's breasts to nurse.She would do this every time the baby needed to eat, which was very frequently.
The sick mom wasn't aware of anything going on, but the baby was just so happy to be up close to her mother, drinking her mommies milk.
This mom was really grateful for her family, who supported her in something that could have been an even more difficult experience than it already was.

This story really touched me and I think of it often. Breastfeeding is such an amazing experience. There's so much warmth involved, so much love and dedication, and to be nurturing your baby so close like that is a priceless experience.
I would encourage every mother to try. Even if things get hard, perhaps thinking about this woman's story could remind us how important it truly is.


Anonymous said...

Wow - I had to laugh at that picture because seriously - who wears that to breastfeed besides me?

Do you remember how you told me forever ago that you'd never seen me in anything but jeans? Well, I wore jeans sparsely during my pregnancy (you would've been proud) but now I'm back in the jeans and I can't stand to wear anything else.

I want my next baby in October and I'm already plotting all the skirts I'm going to wear constantly. Can't wait. Sally, I miss you! Lots of love!

Sally Jackson said...

Xena princess warrior (lucy lawless) wears this to nurse, apparently! This was part of a bfing campaign awhile back. I think it's nice. :)

arianne said...

I love that story. I need to read LLL's magazine. Sounds like I'd love it.

Thanks for yesterday! Kids keep talking about seeing your boys again.

Melodie said...

First, that picture rocks! It's halarious! Second, What a beautiful story! And thank you for the link to my site. Would you ever consider doing a guest post for me? I'd welcome one from you.

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks! We'll have to talk about what you are thinking about that!