Thursday, February 26, 2009

Colors are for everyone

A friend asked me today if we had issues with our boys liking "girl colors and things". Her son had received a pink Hello Kitty watch from a happy meal, and had been sporting it on his wrist all day. She was quite seriously trying to think of ways to steal it and throw it away before her husband got home!
So I sat there and thought about it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....... I thought and thought and thought and thought.

I thought about our hot pink VW bus that my husband drives to work each week. I thought about our cabbage patch kids and how our son likes to carry them around in his baby sling. I thought about our stash of orange, and pink, and red cloth diapers. I thought about my husbands favorite fuchsia Mei-tai. I thought about the time we dressed up Zadok as a girl for Halloween because we didn't have a costume. I thought about the pink jump rope our son picked out at the toy store yesterday, and the pink electric guitar he picked out at the thrift store earlier this week.

I thought about how our boys love dancing to music, wrestling on the bed, outdoor adventures, laughing, painting, baking, playing in the mud, wearing costumes, and choosing for themselves what they like or don't like.

I thought about how pink is perfectly suitable as a man's dress shirt. What's up with that?


Sally Jackson said...
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Trish&Heath said...

Haha! Rhett's favorite color is pink, or at least it was for awhile. It didn't really bug me, but I never told Heath, it wouldn've bugged him. The only time I got the slightest bit concerned was when he was dancing around in pink fairy wings with a purple wand... Something about the word "fairy" gets me...I thought "if we every get wings like these, they will have to be blue." heath would've died.

The Estrogen Files said...

I understand from my teenage nephew that pink IS the new black. So now ya know.

I don't have a problem with my boys liking girl things. How can I worry about that when all he has to model is his big sissies?

There is plenty of time in life for my boys - or yours - to choose the path of macho. I want to let them just enjoy while they can.

arianne said...

At our house my son and daughter have tea parties together both dressed like Spiderman. I'm with you. I've never wanted to define what they can and can't do just because they're a certain gender. You guys rock!

Sally Jackson said...

Love all the comments. Yes-gender related colors and toys is something I don't really think about. I used to nanny this little boy that wanted to wear a dress every day. His parents thought it was so cute and eventually he grew out of it. I always thought that would be healthier to his development than freaking out. :)