Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happiness is:

Here's a few things I got a kick out of this past week:

1. My mom called and left me a message saying, "I just went to the library and saw a lady walking with a baby hanging off her breast, nursing! Just thought that would make you happy." Yes, it did make me happy, and I love that she knew it would!

2. Rebekah threw a birthday party for me. My friends came bearing gifts of artichokes, seeds for bread-making, a recycled cardboard card, and pictures their kids drew. I am grateful no one felt compelled to spoil me with fancy perfumes or something. Sweet hippie friends......

3. My husband took me out on a date Friday night. Just me and him gazing into each other's eyes over some grub. He grabbed me and kissed me in the parking lot and made me feel like the most important person in the world.

4. I went to the thrift store to look for some tunnels or a tent for the kids to play in; something novel to keep them busy while we left them on our date. They didn't have anything like that, however, we did meet this mama with her new baby in a wrap. We followed her to her house where she gave us some toy tunnels. And now we are new friends.
Isn't life full of unexpected surprises?

5. I went for a walk on SUU campus a couple weeks ago. Student life was bustling as usual. I saw a girl walking to class with her friend, and for some reason she stood out to me. Then today as I was driving I saw someone standing on the side of the icy road with two bags of luggage. It was her. So I gave her a ride home. She was extremely grateful because she was stranded at the shuttle drop-off. I think I was meant to remember her face so I could make her day happier.
It was a good feeling.

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Trish&Heath said...

Maybe this will make you happy too, I'm still nursing Bree. 13 &1/2 months and no plans to stop. I started to wean her after 12 months, but then thought, "why?" (This is your influence on me). I give her milk with her meals and whenever she wants it, but I nurse her a couple times a day too, and I love it! I was in the mothers' nursing room at church yesterday (I let Bree run around in there so I can still listen to Sunday School, because it is the chapel and they have speakers in there.) there was a new mom in there trying to nurse her baby under this big blanket and I felt so bad for her, I'm still not comfortable nursing bare breasted in public, but I sure as heck let it all hang out in a nursing room or around other nursing moms. (now - I was her with Rhett). Anyway - you sure have influenced my life for the better! thanks!