Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About friends

I've always loved having friends. Ever since I was a little girl I always had a million friends. I remember my birthday party in the 3rd grade and my mom making a comment about how I had to invite my whole class because I didn't want anyone left out. I think there were like 25 kids there.
I've thought about if this need for lots of friends is a security thing; like maybe having this big, warm, blanket of friends makes me feel loved, wanted, and secure in my life. Or maybe my need for lots of friends is just the way I am. I mean, I like people, and I like talking, laughing and conversing with people. So why not with lots of unique an diverse friends? Or maybe I need lots friends because I like it when my phone rings and it's someone saying,"Hey Sally, we're having waffles for breakfast-come on over!"
Or maybe I need friends because I believe with all my heart that each person I meet brings something special into my life. There has to be something to learn from everyone, and I truly believe that each friend I have has taught me something important about life. But my most obvious reason for friends is that I find so many good things in the people I meet, it's hard not to call them my friends.

So I was thinking these thoughts about me and friends:

I like having friends.
I like having good friends, too. (You know the kind where you can go to their house, eat all there food, take a crap in their toilet, and leave a note saying you were there.)
I like hanging out with friends, doing nothing, and watching our kids play.
I keep in touch with friends through many modes of technology. Email, phone calls, text messaging, Facebook, snail mail. Sometimes even ESP.
I like to make things, cook things, sew things, send things,and do things for friends.
I regretfully admit to losing a friend and not knowing what to say or do about it.
I admit to making too many friends in the past,and not having time to hang out with all of them.
I admit to playing cupid with friends. You know, "I love this friend so much, I think you will love her, too. Let's set up a date and have you meet."
I admit to being overly eager to make a new friend, then finding out really soon that it was a bad match, then backing down slowly so as not to seem rude and distant all of a sudden.
I admit that at times I have been a bad friend, a flaky friend, a jealous friend, a snobby friend, and a psycho friend. I hope people can see through my mortal weaknesses
I won't be offended if someone doesn't want to be my friend. (well, not TOO offended.)

Some people call their husbands their best friends. That never felt right to me. A best friend is someone who loves you unconditionally. My husband loves me unconditionally, yet also has to smell my breath in the morning, live with me while I'm pregnant, and cuddle me to sleep at night. My husband is my soul mate.

I've always had more girl friends than guy friends.
I've always liked having a "group" of friends, but have found as I get older that you don't need a group, just several good ones you can trust.
I rely on friends to be my family substitutes, especially since I haven't lived near my family in 8 years or so.
I have friends with different ideas about politics, religion, parenting, fashion, and sexual preferences. I expect them to still like me, too.
I find value in friends who are honest, caring, and have good ethics.
I make friends wherever I move and then have a really hard time leaving.
My family are my friends.
I think having good girlfriends is a vital necessity in life.

If you are my friend and you are reading this something magical will happen in 10 seconds.Just wait and you will see. Unbelievable. Don't delete this, you won't believe it.
Just kidding. It was just starting to sound like a cheesy email.
Well, those are my thoughts on friends.


Katy said...

I love how your blogging makes you seem not so far away.

I will never forget when I got a horribly upset stomach at Kat's.

Sally, my friend, you are awesome!

Katy said...

Hey Sally - just replying to your comment. The blog is still in the works - as the doula stage probably has about 50 entries to be made still. I put out a request for midwives who wanted to be listed and Amy never got back with me - that's all. She's still working to my knowledge. Anyway, we don't even have all the entries of our committee yet - I just work on it when I get a chance. Love ya!

Katy said...

Private no longer. Just had a bit of a stalker person leaving me comments - but I still want my blog public, so now I just moderate comments. That's all. You can simply follow my link that you have on your sidebars.

Katherine said...

I heart you. That's all.

Going Full Hippie said...

You are lucky to have a good group of friends. I confess to not getting along with girls well when I was younger, and now that I am grown up it is slowly coming, and it is awkward at times. I am not as lively in person until I know you really well, and that can come off as aloof, or shy, and then it can be hard to connect, so I don't really hang out with a lot of people. I am envious of you and your girlfriends.

Sally Jackson said...

I hope I didn't sound pretentious. But yes, friends are an important part of my life. And there's always room for more, too. you can never have too many friends, IMO.
Thats a picture of my mom and sis. Other picture is old friends from high school.

Vanessa said...

Friends are so good... important. I can't imagine my life without my good friends. Great post, Sally.

By the way, I gave you the Sisterhood award... http://michaelgrace.blogspot.com/2009/03/sisterhood-award.html No pressure, its just for fun.