Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Miss You, Hawaii

I miss you, Hawaii. I miss so many things about you, and some days my heart is just really full of heartache and love for you. Some days I miss you so much it hurts to be away. Some days I try so hard to push out thoughts of you, but you keep coming back into my head. Maybe instead of blocking you out today I will write about you instead.

I miss sitting on the beach at dusk and waiting for the sun to set; for something red, orange and beautiful to transpire before my eyes. I miss the warmth of the sun on my face as I lay lazily in the sand. I miss running and diving into the water, watching my shadow swim below me in your crystal blue seas.
I miss the way the water sparkles and glows beneath the sunshine. I miss swimming out beyond your reefs and looking down at vast blue darkness. I miss waiting for dolphins to join me, then laughing at their dances. I miss the company of your fish. Colorful, magnificent, cute, little fish! I miss the way your Sea Turtles always snuck up behind me and scared me senseless in their silence. I miss swimming in your coves, holding my breath through your underwater caves. I miss diving for hours for sea shells in your reefs, after the calm of a big swell. I miss surfing. Oh how I miss surfing! I miss being out in the ocean for hours and breathing in freedom..... The smell, the sights, the sounds of your ocean, an easy escape for me. I miss the way the ocean could heal me from illness, and heartache.
I miss hiking in your jungles, and swimming in your waterfalls. I miss the rain. Yes, I even miss the rain. I miss eating mango, avocado, guava, and papaya from your trees. I miss the smell of my favorite flower, the Plumeria, blossoming in Spring. I miss stringing leis for friends and wearing leis on special occasions. I miss bonfires on your beach, with friends and loved ones. I miss sleeping in your sand and waking up to the sound of waves crashing. Those make the best dreams....
I miss being warm. I miss wearing pareos every day. I miss wearing a plumeria behind my ear just because. I miss Jah-waiian music, even if it gets annoying and overplayed on the radio. I miss real luaus, real Poly food, and real hula dancing. I miss speaking pidgin.
I miss those mornings when I woke up early and I was the only one on your beach. I watched the sun rise, I smelled the early ocean breezes, I jumped into your warm water, I found a few sea-shell treasures, and I came home ready to start the day. Refreshed, rejuvenated, and alive.

I miss you like a dear friend. Sometimes I ask myself, "How can I be a whole person here, when a piece of my heart is three thousand miles away?"

I guess missing you is a part of my life that isn't missing, if that makes any sense..

Kahuku grad, 1997

Top 2 pictures : 1. Waimea Bay where we grew up around the corner. 2. Three tables--the beach in front of my families house where I swam daily. :)


Anonymous said...

And you miss the Shrimp Shack. (there, I helped you out.)

Silly Sally, you didn't need to promote your blog on my facebook page, I've already got you bookmarked! :-D

Tropical Baby said...

OMG that is the saddest blog. I am crying for you. HAWAII misses you too! get micah to come work over here. please? i need my sally and zoie needs her fun auntie to take her to do all the fun scary things in the ocean that im too chicken to do. we miss you more. come home!!!

p.s. the crabs miss you too:)

carlyluckyx2 said...

Go back Sally! Hawaii is your true home. Micah would love it and find so many things to do. Just do it. You've tried other places with your family...now give Hawaii a chance. You can take the girl out of Hawaii, but you can't take Hawaii out of the girl! Stop fighting it you silly girl...there are soooo many opportuntities for you all there!

Sally Jackson said...

Ha ha! you guys are too cute! I can't picture myself living there anymore, but I sure do miss it! It's fun to reflect on all my great memories. I think I get especially nostalgic when it won't stop snowing here!!! We got 6 inches yesterday and it's supposed to be Spring!
As soon as the sun decides to come back out we will be back to our adventures again.