Monday, March 23, 2009


Mom, Can I have an apple?

Yes sweetie.

Mom, can I have an apple?

Of course, help yourself.

Mom, can I have an apple?

You don't have to ask silly!

Mom, can I have an apple?

They're on the table sweetie pie!

Mom, can I have an apple?

Of course you......wait a second!--What the crap? You mean...??? ZADOK!!! No more apples until you finish the ones you started! Geeez whiz! Who is your mother??

You are. I love you Mommeeeeeeeee!


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

Hahaha, that same exact thing goes on here. That is why I have started telling them they can't have an apple unless it is cut. That way, we have much less waste.

Trish&Heath said...

LOL!! I love it. My kids do the same thing, and I came up with the same solutions as Laura.. but then sometimes I cut the apple, and they don't think it's cool anymore and they won't eat it.

Sally Jackson said...

Thats great for apples, now how do you prevent a bunch of half-eaten bananas?