Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweaty T-Shirts

A few of my buddies talked me into joining the track team after school in 9th grade. Since I had nothing else going on I said, "Sure. What's track?"

I soon found out it was running. A lot of running.

We were running every day after school, and for many, many miles at a time. At first I thought I would die, but soon I was keeping up with the fastest of us. We had this particular route around the golf course across the street from our high school. It was a small golf course bordering the ocean. I remember sprinting and panting up the sides of this hill, climbing higher and higher through dirt and sand pits. At the top was a spectacular view of the sea; teal blue, deep, and breathtaking.

I smelled like sweaty t-shirt and salt air, and I can still remember that smell. To me, it was a liberating smell. It was a smell that made me feel free and happy; a lackadaisical sort of high, that stayed with me all the rest of the day. I had discovered that I LOVED running.

I like to know what makes people feel free. I want to know what invigorates you, what causes your heart to beat, your adrenaline to pump, and your soul to ignite. I want to know what makes you happy, and what makes you laugh so hard you could pee your pants. I want to know what your eyes have seen that made you so glad to be alive today.

I like to breathe in the smell of a sweaty t-shirt and just run.


christi said...

Sally, I could read your blog everynight!!!! Your the best!!! Wish you were in hawaii right now. Ash would love to have her dear friend sally here right now. 4 More weeks and baby Zoie will be here. Love you, Christi

Sally Jackson said...

Awwww your so sweet Christi! I sure miss you guys, too. I would love more than anything to be on the beach with you guys right now! Love you and thanks for all the nice comments. xoxoxoxoxox

Going Full Hippie said...

I love waking up early. I like to be up before the sun, and then start my day while it starts its day. No matter hwo tired I am when I first get up, by the time the sun has escaped over the mountains, I am awake, happy, and ready to go.

Sally Jackson said...

That is amazing Abby! Early morning sunrise people are my heroes. :)

Trish&Heath said...

I started leaving a comment but it turned into my own blog post, so you'll have to go there to see it. But for a teaser, I have two favorites, both include the mountains and each include a season, but a different one.