Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jangled Thoughts

Kinda rough day today. Feel like blogging about nothing in particular. Maybe I'll do some complaining. Maybe I'll tell you something funny. Not sure yet. Just writing. Won't even edit this if I spell something wrong because I'm feeling that lazy, excpet now I'm being extremely careful with how I punch the keys. Here's a question: Why do people at public parks blast their music and think everyone else is enjoying it, too? What sort of ego-maniac are you? By the way, I hate country music. Last week at the dentist I asked the dental hygienist if she could please turn off the country just until I was done. It was making me ill. No joke.
I discovered this new blog and it cracks me up every time. It's called cakewrecks. The blogger posts all these professional cakes that have gone horribly wrong. I don't even bake cakes except on birthdays, but this blog makes me laugh a lot. maybe it's because some person decided to turn this mundane thing into a comedy.
I need to laugh more. Life should be a comedy. I mean, I giggle a lot, but it's mostly out of habit. I get into trouble for it sometimes. Like the time when I waitressed, and this man was yelling at me because I brought out his pizza with onions on it. I giggled as I was standing there, and he got even more irate.
I need to go to bed. I hope when I wake up there is a platter of seashell chocolates from France. have you ever had those? Oh wow- they are so melt-in-your-mouth delicious. probably not gonna happen. I've never been to France but I've had their chocolate.
Today I drove up the canyon while the boys were asleep in the VW. I pulled over at some remote spot and practiced my djembe. I really suck at it, but luckily nobody was there to hear it. It made me feel really good. I want to play it with that intensity in my eyes that comes with knowledge and experience. Right now it's just a dumb, giddy look. Oh well.
I am counting down to vacation time with my family. 3,2,1...blast off.
Oh hey-you can nurse while you walk. I do it at church every Sunday. Walk, nurse, walk, nurse, walk, nurse, walk, nurse. Oh and whilst shopping, or whilst at the park, or whilst getting a baby to sleep at a party. Whilst doesn't seem like it should be a real word.

All done,



redrockmama said...

Hey! I recognize those photos....some super cool awesome chic must've taken those. I'm sorry you had a rough day. I loved being with you though! Have a great trip, relax and enjoy being in nature. Call me when you get back and we will hang out :)

Sally Jackson said...

Oh Erika! I had an awesome day today at the park! This post was yesterday--kinda rough day yesterday! Just tired, oh so tired when my hubs is away. But, it's all good now.