Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Happy Earthy birdy Spring!

It has been warm here! I am so incredibly giddy! I put the kidlets in the jogger today and walked all my errands. Normally it would take me a whole week of dragging my cold bundles of kids in and out of the car, just to hit up the bank, the post office, the grocery store, the bead store, the bread store, the thrift store, and the WIC. But, I did all of that, today! Can you tell how excited I am that it's warm?

I even wore a skirt! (without pants under it) I even put on sunscreen! I even laid in the grass and looked up at clouds! I even smiled all day.....just because!

And then whilst collecting pine-cones under the big trees behind our house, I found this nest lying in the dirt:

What a beautiful masterpiece of artwork. You go Mama Bird! She even put mud around the edges to keep everything together.. It made me feel like I was a part of her world for a second. I wanted to be a Mama bird collecting pine needles and twigs for my house.

Instead we went home and read the gingerbread man story, made gingerbread people, and ate them. Almost as cool, right?

Springfully yours,



Tami H. said...

Sally, I just know we were meant to be friends. I LOVE to put the kids in the jogger and jog my errands. We have been cold and rainy - but sunshine is comin our way this weekend - YAY.

redrockmama said...

Hip hip hooray for the warmer weather! Finally! What a beautiful nest mama bird made. Amazing! And, who can resist your gingerbread people. Is that you with your husband and seven children? Hehe. They are almost too cute to eat. Almost. ;)

See ya!

arianne said...

I agree. You go mama bird. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sophia is still talking about seeing a real bird nest. (Her first time.)

Sorry we took off fast yesterday, but the interview went well. Cross your fingers!

Sally Jackson said...

hey you mean Sophie never got to see the nest? I'll have to keep it in the car for next time we meet up.

arianne said...

I meant she DID see it. It was her first time. And thanks! (Sorry I worded it wrong.)