Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Grateful

There are some things in my life I am extremely grateful for, and feel I should mention them out loud before my little heart bursts.

I am grateful for my friend Carly. She gave birth to a little boy one year before our Zadok was born, and has been generously handing down his clothes to us ever since. Every few months a big box comes in the mail to us, and it's full of t-shirts, jackets, socks, shoes, pajamas, and pants. (Really especially cute and nice ones, too)
And every time I open them, I am so overwhelmed that little tears come out. It's like I can't believe that a person would really do this. (She also sends his twin sisters clothes to another family.) Carly comes from one of the nicest, most giving families. I always tell people that it makes sense that my kids are wearing her kids hand-me-downs, because I grew up wearing Carly and Ashley's hand-me downs, so it's like tradition. Ha ha! Maybe someday my grandchildren will be wearing her grand children's clothes. Totally kidding. :) But really, I am grateful, and I always tell her if at any time she stops sending them, to know that she's already done more than she ever needed to.

I am so grateful for my husband. This past month he has been working so hard at school. He has had some difficult deadlines to meet in order to get his student teaching lined up in time for January 2010. He has been up late-nights, losing precious sleep, studying relentlessly, and not getting to spend time with his kids. I've never seen him work so hard and so diligently and knowing that all of it is for us; his family. This is the most selfless act of sacrifice I have ever seen. And although he has been unpleasant at times, I love him anyways. (inside joke)

I am grateful for friendship. Without it I would be kinda lonely. I don't have family here, so my girlfriends kinda become my surrogate sisters, weather they like it or not. This past weekend I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants, and I needed that. I am grateful for the people in my life who have found something in me that makes us connect. It's those connections that make me want to reach out to others and smile.

I am grateful for people who share their skills with others for free.
This upcoming week I have the opportunity to learn hot to play the djembe drum. I love the rhythm of African drums and have been wanting to take lessons from someone. I have done everything from order a book online, buy an instructional CD, and look for tutorials online on Youtube. Nothing worked for me. When we moved to Cedar I just knew I would find the people I needed to find so I could learn. And no, I am not naturally musically talented. But I have a feeling that once I learn a few things, me and djembe are going to be best friends.

I am grateful for dirt. I had the chance to dig up a space of earth for an herb garden this morning. I got down on my knees and melted into the mud and worms. I pulled and raked, and pried out those weeds. It felt really good to get dirty and smell the raw fragrance of life. Some people don't have any space for gardening, so I guess I'm feeling grateful for this rented space we have.

Gratefully yours,



redrockmama said...

Atta girl Sally! And I am grateful for meeting you and having you as a friend :)

carlyluckyx2 said...

Wow Sally...I feel like a celebrity! You are welcome! I am so thankful to have someone really special to send them too. Makes me feel good that they are still being used since Rayson has outgrown them and they are still in good condition. Love you so much and if I ever get to have one more baby...I will have to get one of those baby carriers you make!

arianne said...

You are one of those friends that I'm so grateful for. I can't wait to here your new rhythm sometime.