Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday-Kahuku Graduation

Since school is out and graduation is in the air, I just thought I'd reflect on the night I graduated high school. My senior year was a funny one. It seemed all my friends had graduated and moved on and I was stuck there for one last year of torture. Luckily I had my favorite sidekick Crystal B, and together, we made it a fun and memorable year. There are two things I think of when I reflect back on Kahuku High 1997: Crystal B, and coming up with ingenious ways to ditch out of classes early.

(Crystal and I on grad night--)

Here I am, accepting my diploma. Truthfully, this isn't actually the real diploma, it is a blank piece of paper. When I went to go pick up the real copy I was told I owed $12 for Student Activity Fees. What? I refused! I never attended any student activities! My diploma is probably still in some cupboard somewhere at Kahuku High School. Whatever, I haven't needed it yet.

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redrockmama said...

Nice! Great pictures. You look beautiful in them :0)

I think that is so cool that you lived in Hawaii!