Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flashback Friday

Where each Friday I will be posting a picture from my wondrous past. :)

Laie Elementary School, 2nd grade, Pajama Day, Student of the Month.......again.

My teacher had called earlier that morning to tell my mom I was going to receive an award that day. She suggested I "do something with my hair", as I was known for showing up to school with bed head. I guess she thought I might want to look nice when I receive my award up in front of the other students.

"But duh", I thought, "It is pajama day!"

(Okay, so I know nobody else in the photo looks like their dressed for pajama day, but I swear it was pajama day! Yes, I realize there is a kid in jeans, and a man to the right that appears to be wearing a hospital gown, and some ladies in the back not in pajamas, but was pajama day.)


Unknown said...

That man on the right was your principal, the one who gave you your award and he WAS wearing a hospital gown for his pajamas. . . and hey, your hair didn't always need combing every day cuz it was cute and curly - combing it would make it frizzy.

Anonymous said...

That picture was a flashback for me, too! (Not the people, but the building. I did many observations there and after school stuff with the children before I started student teaching down in Kailua. Good times! although you are not helping the "Heather misses Hawaii" cause.)