Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mom's Day, Mama Llama!

Every time I get a box, or a letter, or a card in the mail from my mom, she signs it, "Love, your Mama Llama." (well, usually it has like 10 kid stickers surrounding it, a million X's and O's and 20 exclamation points)

This is just ONE example of the kind of FUN person she is, and how every experience in her life is usually followed by 20 exclamation points anyways, weather it be good or bad. (Sometimes I like to refer to Mom Stokes as the Drama Mama Llama. Oh, and she also likes Obama, just to be rhymey)
Here's some great things that I like to think of when I think of my Mama Llama drama who likes Obama:

1.Fun! My Mama likes to dance and loooooooves music. She likes to boogie down like no Mama Llama I know.

2. Caring! She would give you the shirt off her back. When I was younger I remember waking up to this large, homeless, Rastafarian family sleeping on our living room floor. I think she even cooked them breakfast before sending them on their way.

3. Crazy! One day after school I went to drive home and my car was stolen. I was in the principals office about to call the police when someone came running in yelling, "We found a note on a tree in the parking lot!" The note read, "Dear Sally, I had to take your car. I hope you can get a ride. Love, Mom" I was pissed and laughing at the same time. Who does that?

4. Adventurous: We went camping on Maui once for YW's camp and woke up in the deepest, slopping puddle of rainwater. My Mamas stuff was all drenched, but her Spirits were sunny and happy as usual!

5. Great Mama! My Mama always had time for us. One of my favorite kid memories is roller-skating basketball with Mama. I also loved our many early morning walks exploring the tide pools. In high school she used to drive me and all my friends to dance clubs downtown, and wait in the car until we were done. Sometimes we were in there til 2 or 3 am. What Mom does that?

6. Grandma! Mama loves her grand kids and sings silly songs to them over the phone. Our son calls her the singing grandma.

7. Nomadic! My Mama hasn't lived in the same house for more than a year in soooooo long. You never know where she'll end up next.

8. Beautiful! My Mama has the warmest smile of anyone I know.

9. Gifted teacher! My Mama has been teaching young kids for over 20 years, and I know that she has made a difference in so many lives. Everyone loves her, no one can forget her, and she just keeps on doing what she loves, because of the kids.

10. Fashionista! My Mama has a funky and unique style. I think she's part hippie, part Gypsy, part Tropical beachy, part vintage, part thrifty, part--you just never know what she'll be wearing because she does whatever she feels. I love it!

So, there's something I've been meaning to do for a long time. This picture below is of my Mama Llama holding me when I was a wee one. Look how cute she is! It was my blessing day back in 1979. Well, I've been wanting to re-create this photo and so I did.

Here it is!

Okay, so there's some subtle differences I might mention. First of all, it's not exactly the same dress, but it is a 70's Vintage hand-me-down from my Mama's closet. Secondly, I couldn't get my hair to look the same. Thirdly, I'm not sure what she was holding in her right hand so I didn't copy her every look. Oh, and lastly, I didn't have a 1 month old baby girl so I put my 1 year old son in a dress.Other than those things, I think it captures the image perfectly! (he he he)



Unknown said...

well . . my housemates have guests visiting - their child woke up in the night crying - poor thing. When I couldn't get back to sleep I decided to work on some photo projects. Then I thought . . . hmm, think I'll check Sally's blog . . . now I'm the one crying. I'm overcome - amazed - impressed - thankful - those photos-awesome. I made both dresses from the same pattern though. In fact, I thought it was the same one but I guess not. Best Mother's Day surprise ever!! Thank you so much Sal my Gal.

Tropical Baby said...

OMG i am dying laughing. I feel like i remember all those same memories of her. MY mom would drive us to bars and clubs too. and pick us up around 2 am! soo cool.

as far as the fashionista...remember when Lani was into scrunchies and your mom was wearing pants with one leg WAY shorter than the other. when we asked her what happened she said "oh lani must have used them for her scrunchies" hahaha

the car thing reminded me of another time she lent a homeless man your VCR and he brought it back broken. What would a homeless man want with a vcr?

AND i think she is holding an old school pacifier in her right hand?! maybe?

anyways your mom is a sweetheart. love you guys. xoxox

Nancey said...

Great post. Your mom is one of the funniest and nicest people I know. I'm going to show my mom this post. I can't believe you dressed your boy up as a girl, that's hilarious!

Rebekah said...

I love it! I wish I knew your mom now...
It is fun to get an idea of part of what made you wonderful you though! And I love the picture you recreated!

Sally Jackson said...

ha ha! Thanks for all the comments! I had fun writing this and even had fun putting Odin in a dress for 10 minutes.
Ashley, I can't believe you remembered that part about the scrunchies! That is hillarious! And it so Barbara to walk around with one cut off pant leg and not care. Good times.... Thanks for adding a few of your own!

Unknown said...

Actually, I didn't even notice one pant leg was shorter until you guys asked me why it was? Immediately though, I figured Lani probably cut part off and sewed it back up to make another one of her scrunchies.
Hmm. I might have been holding my car keys. I don't think Sally took a pacifier. And that neighbor Shaktee, wasn't exactly homeless but almost. Anyway, he had convinced me he had someplace to plug in a VCR. Ha!

Trish&Heath said...

Ok - I gotta now if you guys have the book Llama Llama mad at Mama? I'm thinking that's probably the origin of this, but if not, you have to get it!!

Unknown said...

Well . . I became a Mama Llama without ever seeing that book but sure want to check it out now.

carlyluckyx2 said...

Sally Wally you are too funny! Your mom is definately the best and my most vivid memories are of Hawaii and the Stokes family. We laugh and talk about you and your mom the whole time we vacation here. We were at Chun's Reef the other day and took to singing "Take a boy and a girl in a little canoe..." to the twins. Gooood memories! Love you so much and hope one day we will all be together again in Hawaii for more funtimes! Ohhhh, remember your pet snail that always made its way out of the tank and into your underwear drawer? And mangos on the trampoline? Nuts! xoxoxo

Jessica Brown said...

You are awesome Sally! I'm laughing so hard. I bet your mom loved this!