Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Perfect Pet

Do you:
Live in an 800 square foot apartment or condo?
Your Landlord says you can't have no pets?
Want something small, affordable, and not technically a "pet"?
Tired of animal dander on everything you own?

I suggest you get yourself some Ants! I never thought they could be so fascinating! They dig tunnels, they build mounds, they carry large loads on their backs! You only need to feed them once a week, and they only live for 3-4 weeks. Then you can get yourself some new ants and watch them dig all over again!

WARNING: Don't collect ants smaller then the air holes, or they will escape. I know, I tried it.

You can get ants and ant farms at and they will actually send the ants in the mail. Or you can be frugal and go collect your own, BIG ants, outside somewhere.

If you click on the picture it will magnify the ant farm so it feels like the ants are right there in your room with you! It's okay-I don't mind E-sharing our pet ants with you.


arianne said...

Cool. Did you order yours or collect them?

Sally Jackson said...

We ordered the Ant farm from Toys R Us. Then we collected our own giant red ants. Later on someone told me about If you live in an area that doesn't have giant, worker ants, this website automatically sends the ants when you buy the farm. However, they operate out of Hurricane, UT! And yes, we have ants!