Friday, May 8, 2009


We came home early from our wild camp-out with sickly children.
In fact, I'm typing this one-handed, with a sleeping sick baby on my lap, with a Nebulizer aimed at his face, with Arbutirol shooting out of it, with a smile on my face.
Not because I like having sick kids, but because it's been really fun pretending we're still on vacation, at home.
We spent the whole day mucking around with our garden, digging in the dirt, and letting our sickies roll in mud and play with worms. We ate ice-cream cones, lounged on the grass, and talked about plans for building our future house a bit. It's just really fun hanging out with my lil' family, sick or not. And p.s., camping with small children is A LOT of hard work. Fun as it was, I will never call it vacation again. And I don't know why they got sick. They just picked something up somewhere and it got to them about 5 days into our campout. oh well.

Some camping pictures. (We hit up Moab, Arches, Goblin Valley, and Capitol Reef)

Baby O exploring textures

Big Z hiking at Arches Nat'l Park

The Goblin Valley of goblins!

Cccccccold..... Some river that looked too enticing to pass up.

Those little specs on top are Micah and Zadok.
Zadok was pretending to be a lizard most of the trip.

Road trippin....Micah did all the driving.
I think mostly because he doesn't like how slow I drive.


arianne said...

Welcome home! I'm so sorry the kids got sick. Looks like you had fun anyway. And I agree. Camping with kids is a lot of hard work. So worth it though. Love all these great photos.

(Jared doesn't let me drive either. Maybe it's the mom hormones that makes us drive slow.)

carlyluckyx2 said...

Good for you Sal. I think taking the kids anywhere is alot of work and camping is def not on my list of things to do! I am not a camper...I need a toilet, warm running water, and an electrical outlet! Micah looks great with a buzzed head!