Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pumping for another Baby

A friend had just emailed me this article a week ago. It is about a baby who was able to depend on donations of breastmilk, from a community of caring mothers, in a time of dire need.
I was deeply touched by this article, and thought, "How sad for this family, and how neat for this community of caring women to be able to help."

Then several days ago I received a phone call about a newborn, abandoned baby, in need of mothers milk. Although this baby would be going to her new, adoptive parents in a weeks time, I was fortunate to be able to round up a small community of women who could donate a weeks worth of breastmilk. I had instantly thought of this article, and it helped me to organize a group.
(I was surprised to see that I could even pump 4 ounces, with my 15 month old super-nursling.)

It was touching for me to see mothers so eager to share what they know is a priceless gift for any baby.

I hope these women know how happy I am to call them friends.

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Katy said...

How amazing! What a blessing you are to that family!