Sunday, June 21, 2009

Call me "Micah"

Our kids call their dad "Micah". It took me a while to warm up to this concept. I had dreamed my whole life of being called Mommy someday, so when my husband declared that he would like his kids to call him by his first name, I was disgruntled.
"Why would you do that?", I questioned. "Daddy, Papa, Dad, those are all terms of endearment that bring a meaning of love and respect to a home", I argued.
"Not so" says Micah, "those are arbitrary terms that have nothing to do with who I am as a person."

Okay, okay, I thought, we'll see how it goes. They can call you Micah, but don't blame me when we're out in public and people think your not the father of my children, or when Zadok grows up and forgets your important role in his life, or when all the other kids are calling out Daddy, and you feel left out.........

Years have gone by and I've forgotten all about this argument.
It feels there has never been more love in the world, than the love between our sons and their "Micah". They adore him and love him more than anything I've seen, and I've realized that it's not about a title, but about a relationship.

Micah is simply, an amazing Dad. Micah is gentle, patient, and understanding. Micah is playful, funny, and creative. Micah reads stories, rides bikes, wrestles, and watches Star Wars. Micah cuddles, and gives hugs, wipes away tears, fixes owies, and takes time to listen. Micah prays, teaches lessons, explains theories, and answers questions. Micah recognizes that his sons need a
father who is present, aware, always there for his children.

I think this world may need less Dads, and more Micahs.

Happy fathers day to our "Micah".


redrockmama said...

I love this video! Daddies and their babies are so priceless :0)

Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

That is a favorite activity at our home too. It is just hard when they get too big to do it.
Happy Father's Day to your Micah!

arianne said...

What a beautiful tribute to a great father.

Unknown said...

Wow, that made me cry. Beautiful. Awesome! yay for Micah! i know sometimes in crowds, you still call my name when i don't answer to "mom" because there are several others and somehow I feel good because it is my daughter saying my name with love, affection, fun and camaraderie so . . I can get this totally.

Wendy said...

my mom had us call her by her first name, mercy, too. and i never felt in any way disconnected to her and always saw her as a person who i shared my life with. sometimes, i wish my dad had asked us to do the same, because it took me a long time to see him as a real person, rather than just a dad who was fulfilling a role... i am sure this has just as much to say about the relationships that they built with us individually. i love it that they call him micah. its such a great name:)