Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Mothers Blessing

There is a beautiful, traditional ceremony, held in honor of a woman before she gives birth to her baby, called a Mothers Blessing, or Blessingway. It is a celebration of a mothers right of passage to one of the most important roles she'll ever take on in her life- motherhood. These ceremonies are meant to honor the mother-to-be, pamper her with love and affection, give her strength and encouragement for her upcoming birth, and give to her the sister/mother/woman energy that helps so many of us during our last weeks of pregnancy.

A Mothers Blessing is often in place of the typical baby shower. Where at baby showers you might find silly games, cake and cookies, and oodles of gifts for the baby, a Mothers Blessing is focused on the powerful transformation a mother is going through, as she prepares for the arrival of her baby. The commercial emphasis is eliminated, as women unite together to focus on what this mother may truly need at this special time in her life.

I was able to attend a Mothers Blessing this past year. I wanted to share a little bit about how unique this was, not just for the mother-to-be, but for me and the guests as well.

To honor this mother-to-be we had her sit in a nice, comfy chair, crowning her head with fragrant and beautiful flowers. I watched as her grandmother, and her sisters took turns massaging her feet, while soaked in a foot bath of essential oils and rose petals. We sat in an intimate circle and told stories of how this woman had touched our lives, and how much we loved and adored her.
Each guest brought a bead, where we put them all together for a "labor" necklace. Each bead represented a blessing for this mother; a message of happiness and peace for her upcoming birth. We tied strings around our wrists, promising not to remove them until she gave birth to her baby. This simple act reminded us each day to think of her needs, and send some positive vibes her way. We each brought a delicious dish of healthy, colorful, and vibrant foods. We sat around eating, talking, and laughing throughout the evening. Towards the end we gave the mother gifts. Something especially for her, to enjoy.

It was a simple ceremony, yet filled with so much meaning.
I left the party feeling excited for her new baby to come, but that much more excited about my role as a mother. I think it is amazing to see women coming together like this to celebrate motherhood. After all, those baby shower gifts are fun to open, but there's nothing more memorable than getting your feet rubbed when your 35 weeks pregnant, by a roomful of friends.

Oh, and the giant Gingerbread Goddess with all her gingerbread children?--that was what I created for the party. We dipped those babies in cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmm good!

There is tons of info on the web for finding out more about throwing a Mothers Blessing. Each one can be different, catering to the needs of the mother. Most importantly, have fun, and remember that being a mom rocks.


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you, often wish you hadn't moved away. No, that's not right, because I understand ANYONE who moves away from here.

But I hope in the future we can live near each other again.

Micah said...

There's plenty of room for everyone in Cedar city, Utah!!!
But yah--we don't miss LA, just the wonderful friends we left behind.

p.s. this is sally, not Micah

Katy said...

Sally, I really missed having you at my Mother's Blessing. It was one of my very favorite times of my entire pregnancy! I absolutely LOVE the gingerbread goddess. You are so talented!

arianne said...

Cool post. I wrote about traditional navajo blessingways in my book.

Melodie said...

We do these in my circle of friends too. Aren't they just the best? I've never glowed or seen my friends glow as beautifully as at my or their Mother Blessing. And I have never seen as wonderful a treat as your gingerbread goddess and all her gingerbread children. Now that I have seen that I am going to have to make it one day.

Rebekah said...

Made me cry- thanks again Sally!