Thursday, June 4, 2009


Stakes in the ground mean we now know the exact measurements of our land. They mean we can start the next phase of planning where exactly our home will be built. They mean that Micah will be out there digging a lot. They mean I can truly imagine which mountains our desert home will be facing.

I choose these ones. Zadok calls them the red and blue mountains. I call them beautiful! I've always wanted giant windows facing East, to greet the sunshine in the morning. I visualize many bright mornings welcoming the sun into my home, from up over these red and blue mountains.

Perhaps our goats, chickens, and sheep will go over on the right side. Micah is mapping everything out perfectly, down to the last tree. Apple trees, peach trees, cherry trees, plum trees, you-name-it-trees, will be planted on this land.

It's a hard, long road ahead, getting this home built. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. Every time I feel discouraged or feel like it's going to take too much work, I think of my bathtub. At the end of this road there's a huge bathtub, with shooting jets, bubbles, and enough room for...well....for my body to actually fit into it.
Here's a picture of my current bathtub. 18 gallons of squeeze. It's my motivation in wanting to work hard on this house. "bathtub! bathtub! bathtub!" (that's my mantra)

Well, I sure am excited about those four stakes in the ground. That's four sure!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, that is exciting!
I would like to do yoga with you in your grand living room as we watch the sun rise over those red and blue mountains (and our children are all miraculously still sleeping.

Hey, I can live in a dream world all I want and you can't stop me from incorporating your dream house in my dream world.

Unknown said...

Really awesome, beautiful and great! Love those red and blue mountains. This mama is so proud of you guys. You'll do it.

arianne said...

That last photo is a riot! You really are welcome to come soak in my tub.

Your dreams are big. Your heart is big. You'll get it all and more.