Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogging 101

I got my boys to bed early tonight and said, "Yes! Tonight is the night I'm going to figure out how to make my blog cute!"
I want a new layout, I want to organize my links, I want to add a picture at the top and change the bland title to fancy cursive, and I want a new color scheme. It's going to have a a whole new feel and look, and I will love it!

Twenty minutes later I feel like I've just failed Computer 101. How can this be so hard? I so frustratingly started flipping thru websites, looking up templates,searching through codes.....and it was like learning a new language! A language I don't have time to learn in my already busy life!

How do people do it?

I look at my elders, and how all this computer technology is so new to them. I see myself holding back impatient words, as I try to explain simple computer things like copying a link, or opening a new tab. Things that seem too common sense.

"Now how do you get to your blog again?" is a question I've heard many times.
"I sent you the link, Mom"
"Oh yah, I think I have it saved in an old email."
"Well, you can bookmark the page, and then you'll always have it."
"Okay, explain how to do that again?"

I worry that my simple knowledge of computer use won't be good enough in 30 years. Someday my kids are going to be rolling their eyes saying, "Duh Mom, all you do is press that button and blah blah blah," as I stare at the screen with this dumb-faced stupor.

I know I can't possibly know everything about everything in this world, but I feel like computer technology is going to be one of the important ones. It kind of stresses me out that I already can't keep up and it's only just begun.

It's been 9 years since I got my very first email address. I would walk into this cafe and pay $1 for every 15 minutes on the Net. I would sit there for 3 hours, typing emails to everyone I knew. I thought it was so very new-age cool. I've probably sent out 1000's of emails since that first love affair with Cafe internet. But not much has changed beyond that.

So here it is, folks.

My blog, for the next 9 years.


Sarah said...

haha! I totally know how you feel. If you want help making your blog different, I'd be happy to help you. :) I learned a LOT from creating my blog. It seems really crazy, but then there's always that "aha" moment where "duh" everything comes together. I'd be happy to create a banner for the top of your blog, too. I can create it in my photo editor. Tell me what you want, email me photos, etc. and I'll do it and email it to you. :) I'll come chat with you for a moment at the park today.

Anonymous said...

I used to keep my blog address as a signature on my emails to avoid the constant "what is your blog address again?" (and likewise with flickr.) That way no one could say maybe they accidentally deleted the email with my link.

I know what you mean, though, my technopeasant status will not suffice when the boys are grown and technology can read our minds.

Sara B said...

good news! your blog looks bueno!

Sally Jackson said...

Hey Thanks Sarah with an h. I think I would really like some help with my blog. I just think a banner would add such a nice touch. That would be awesome. You haven't even lost me, yet. Lets talk more about this blog business.

Sara without an h, thanks for the comment.
And Heather,the term "technopheasant" is almost better than nipple wallpaper.