Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping with the Jacksons

Do you dare?

Sally and Micah would really like to relive their hiking glory days, but we settle for a 6 mile round-tripper, hoping our 3 year old can make it.

About 1/2 way thru the first 3 miles, 3 year old is done hiking. "I am sooooo tired!"he says.
So Micah carries 3 year old on his shoulders, while Mom has 1 year old on my back.

Until, we arrive at the waterfall, where Micah slips and injures his shoulder, badly.

So, Sally ends up hiking 3 miles back to camp sight with 3 year old and large, heavy backpack full of clothes and water, while injured Micah carries 1 year old in the mei-tai. Sally nearly cries the whole way back because the weight is just too much on my body.

We get back to camp, hungry, tired, and feeling pretty broken. However, Zadok and Odin have just slept all the way back, so they are ready to parrrrrty.

So, a very exhausted Sally takes the boys down to the creek, while Micah fixes dinner. After a lovely dinner of hamburgers, corn-on-the-cob, and pears, we realize Sally didn't pack enough food for the next day 1/2. We will have to ration our portions and snack lightly.

That night in the tent baby Odin keeps rolling around, and waking up. So Sally keeps nursing him back to sleep--about 15 million times. Sally wakes up in the morning grumpy and wanting to shoot somebody. Just not sure who? Certainly not the baby.

Well, maybe a nice breakfast will cheer me up. Oh yah, we didn't pack enough food. Now the Jackson family is running around with half the calories they normally have, feeling a little agitated. When we've had enough of applesauce and more pears, we decide to pack up. Not to mention Micah is in so much pain, he needs to get home and ice that shoulder.

It takes us 2 hours to get camp packed up. We drive 3 hours home. Luckily baby Odin sleeps almost the whole way so we don't have to pull over 50 times.

Now wasn't that fun? Yes it was!
On the way home we talk about when we can go back again. "Remember that beautiful waterfall....and those red rock mountains....and the lazy creek beneath our camp sight? Please make it soon......"

(the trail to Calf Creek)

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redrockmama said...

Ahh, memories though! You can go back again. And remember the special camping secret? PACK MORE FOOD!!!

(wink wink)