Friday, July 17, 2009

Flashback Friday-Bustin a Coal

Bustin a coal. Blowin a flame. Hand Drill fire set.

I never know when I'll run into an old Trailwalker, and get to relive my old ANASAZI memories. Last night I met some folks that had been there in 1996. I was there from 2002-2004. In so many ways, the trail stays with you throughout life. The skills and lessons you learned on the trail help shape you and make you, who you are today. On the hard days here in the city, I can always remember even harder days out in the wild, where all I needed was God, food, water and shelter to get through the toughest of experiences. And I always came out okay.

Trying to keep it simple every day, the Trailwalker way...

Cherry Creek. Tonto National Forrest, AZ.


Sarah said...

It's fun to hang with other red cliffers and watch them do the bow drill. I think it would have been so good for me to work out there. But alas, kids make you NOT want to ditch out for a week. Maybe in another lifetime?

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

I am freaking out, reminiscing about this scene. Ooohhhhh. All I want is to sit there and cook my lentils and work on a soap stone creation. So cool!