Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Dread or not to Dread

It's been haunting me for years, should I dreadlock my hair, or not?. I've always envied those who can pull off some funky hair do. All my life I've had friends who've ventured into crazy hair experimentation, always dying, cutting, styling...and always having fun with it, to my envious amazement.

This is the picture I saw on the web, four years ago,that made me fall in love with dreads.

And here's me, I think I've had the same hair since I was 3. (Excluding the perm)
I've never dyed it, however it's changed color and texture through various sun exposure. I cut it really short once, and hated it. Most days it's up in a poofy bun, and most days it's a foofy foof. Dreadlocks seems like a fun solution to having stylish hair, without having to "do" it every day. Make life easier, eh?

I've poured for hours over this website, drooling over pictures of beautiful men, women, and children with dread locks, trying to imagine my smiling mug in there, somewhere.

As I've been vacillating over this idea again and again, finally one night last week I had a dream about it. It was such a powerful dream, that changed my mind completely. I won't share all the personal details, but the end of the story is, I would be extremely unhappy with dreadlocks.

Moral of the story-- Dreams can provide the best answers to some of our most pressing questions. To dread, or not to dread?


Going Full Hippie said...

i would suggest cornrows. find a friend who can do it, or fork over the money, but they stay for months, and they add all the ease of dreads, without the permanety (is that a word?) :o)

arianne said...

Your hair is Gorgeous. You've got, like, 10 times as much of it as I do, ha ha.

ashley said...

that is interesting! i have always been curious about dreading my hair, seems so much easier to deal with!

Jana Neser said...

I think dreads are cool, but your hair is GORGEOUS! I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad you decided not to do it. As a hairdresser, it just seems like such a many people would kill for the shine and wave of your hair. I'm just sayin' :)

Sally Jackson said...

I don't think I ever would have actually gone thru with it. Well, except for the time my mom started dreading it 4 years ago for me, then we decided she was doing it all wrong, and took it out. Then I was going to hire a professional, and that's when the indecisiveness started.

And Abby--I just don't think I'm a cornrow kind of gal. But yours were stunning on you I'd like to add. I saw pictures to prove it.