Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Odin just learned another word to add to his short list. His wee vocabulary consists of Mama, dog, hot, and now.... bubbles!

Grandma and Grandpa Jackson drove up from California last week to see us, and brought a plethora of bubble supplies, like bubble soaps, bubble wands, bubble trays, and bubble pipes! (Yep, like Popeye blowing a smoke-bubble stack). It was so much fun sitting in the backyard with the grandparents, blowing all sorts of types of bubbles, and watching the boys' eyes light up.

It was enough to inspire Odin to say, "Bubbbles,!!" And he has been saying it ever since.

We sure enjoyed our weekend with the Jackson grandparents, and really appreciated their visit. We love you Tim and Sandy!

Next time you come to visit, we hope Odin will learn to say,"I love you grandpa and grandma and thanks for the Bubbles!

Odin and grandma getting bubbly

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Unknown said...

That is so awesome!! If this was facebook, I would click on: "Barbara likes this" - good ol' Tim and Sandy, what a perfectly fun idea!