Thursday, August 27, 2009

Days of the Week

The trash goes out on Thursdays,
La Leche League on Fridays,
Grocery shopping Saturdays,
We meet for church on Sundays,
We ride our bikes most Mondays,
Say goodbye to Micah Tuesdays,
Achievement Days on Wednesdays,
Meet friends at parks on Thursdays,
Welcome Micah back on Fridays,
Let's do something fun for Saturdays,
Quiet hikes on Sundays,
Family night on Mondays,
Clean the house on Tuesdays,
Do my Visiting Teaching Wednesdays,
Plan LLL meetings Thursdays,
Do Flashback Fridays, Fridays,
Use up cell phone minutes Saturdays,
Write in my journal Sundays,
New exercise plan on Mondays,
Try a new recipe Tuesdays,
Bake wheat bread on Wednesdays,
Dinner with Micah Thursdays,
Tidy up the house on Fridays,
Go over my calendar Saturdays,
Start a new book on Sundays,
Can't believe it's already Monday,
Catch up with friends on Tuesdays,
Wake up early Wednesdays,
Back to Thursdays................

Dream ,eat, pray, and play every day of the week. Then crash when tired.


Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH - THIS PHOTO IS PRICELESS AND PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you've taken your "days of the week" lessons for Zadok to new heights!:+)

Tonya said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing:)