Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seashells ad Glue

Glue-ing sea-shells on stuff reminds me of my sister. We've both been diving for seashells since we were kids. I still have over 1000 seashells that are like precious jewels to me. I'm not as liberal in glue-ing them, anymore, because the ocean is so far away. They're not as replaceable as they used to be.
But when I go to my sister's house she has seashells glued onto most things: lamp shades, light-switch covers, soap containers, mirrors, picture frames, the kitchen name it.

So, I made her this frame recently. I think she liked it. I need to go back to Hawaii and dive for more shells before I run out. Either that, or just start gluing river rocks onto everything.

The glass rocks are from the $ store, and I think they add a nice, tropical-looking touch. Lauhala roses are found in Haw'n craft stores.


arianne said...

Ooooo. Pretty.

carlyluckyx2 said...

You are so crafty Sally. Hey, Walmart has bags of shells and the glass stones for cheap! I get lotsa craft stuff there because it is so affordable. Look in the craft isles and the floral isles for these! Luvs xoxox

Unknown said...

I'm glad you reminded me. I found a bunch of small shells on a beach in Tahiti that look like slightly thinner, smaller versions of the sunrise shell. I got all excited and thought I found a sunrise shell so the boys were helping me collect them - but I think it has to be thicker to be called a "sunrise shell", right?
p.s. these are sure funny words they have you type in down below

The Estrogen Files said...

River rocks, you know, rock. And they can be pretty, too.