Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Sleeping Angels

I love the way they look, lying so quietly in bed.

It's like all of the high-energy, and the rambunctiousness, all the tears spilled, and the laughter shared; everything that all happened during the course of the day, is instantly shut off. Quiet, peaceful, calm, and put on pause for tomorrow.

I love to get in bed while they are sleeping, and stare at them. I stare at one, then I stare at the other, then I turn back and stare at the one, then the other, then the other.......until I've had my fix.

I can stare all I want at their soft faces, their quietly breathing chests, their gently closed eyelids, their chubby knuckles, and their big, long legs, without interruption. They always look so much taller lying down on the bed.

I look at them and ponder where the months have gone.

I like to lie there and stare at them and kiss their little cheeks, their hands, and touch the softness of their hair. And they let me for as long as I want.

My sleeping angels allow me to dream one more day that they will always be my babies, until they wake up again tomorrow, eager to grow a little bit bigger.

I cherish these moments, sleeping in our family bed.

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Unknown said...

I sure used to do that exact thing and of course, you were one of my babies I would be watching asleep- now I still get to stare at you on your blog and I loved just now getting caught up on reading it.
You're life is a wonderful journey and I love you very much!!!!! Mama