Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big Sister

Today is the birthday of a sister I would have grown up with, had she not died at birth. She would be 32 years old today.
When we were younger my Mom would bake a cake and we would all sing "Happy Birthday" to her. I would always imagine her looking down at us with a huge grin on her face!

I still think about her all the time, especially on her special day. I think about what she would be like, what she would look like, and what her life would be like right now, at 32 years old. I think she would probably laugh a lot, have a big smile, and be one of my best friends.

We don't know why God chose to take this little spirit back to Heaven with him. My mom carried her for 9 months, only to go into labor and deliver her, with no heartbeat. Her little body is buried in a cemetery in California.

Although her spirit resides in Heaven, I feel that she is with us down here a lot. She is part of our family, even if we forget about her. I find strength through her when I'm having a hard time here on Earth, because I know, that she knows, that this is only temporary; that this life is so short, and someday we will all be back there together, as a family, living peacefully with God. Some days I am jelous that she gets to walk so closely with God each day, while we have to wait it out down here.
But most days I am so excited to meet her, to hug her, to find out all about her. She is my sister, and one day when I die, our spirits will meet each other. It will be such a happy moment that I look forward to.

Just wanted to say that I remember you, my sister Caroline.
I bet you are just wonderful.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for remembering Sal - I was thinking about her too but didn't mention it to all of you this year. It's when i remember I have 5 children rather than 4.