Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lived in

After my boys go to sleep, I walk around the house and tidy up. There's just something great about waking up to a tidy house that makes getting up in the morning, fresh and wonderful!
As I walk around from room to room ,I pick up the pieces from the day--little games we had out playing, shoes thrown into a corner, pasta shells stuck into the carpet. My mind goes back to the little moments we had that day, and makes me smile. (Unless it was a hard, stressful, tantrum-filled day, then I'm flipping channels on the sofa!)

Tonight I found Odin's little shoes in Zadok's shoe closet. It made me laugh because Odin really doesn't have anywhere to put his shoes, so why not put them in Zadok's shoe pile? I can just imagine him walking faithfully to the closet, determined to put them in the right spot.
I found a plate of greasy, leftover quesadilla hiding under an 18 quart container. Zadok had been pretending he was a snail and needed to eat underneath his shell.

I found Odin's toothbrush under the kitchen table. (typical)
I found a half-eaten peach next to the couch.
I found Zadok's favorite rubber moth in the pocket of his shorts.
I found a grocery list Zadok wrote for me, scribbled in black ink, with everything I needed from the store, so he says.
I found Odin's favorite Animal book opened up to his favorite picture of a dog. I can hear him yelling excitedly, DOG, all happy and smiles!

Sometimes I get really annoyed at how messy my house gets. I try to be reasonable, but it seems to get the best of me sometimes. But walking around tonight and laughing at all the silly things my kids do, made me think again that my house is lived in...... I have two busy and brilliant children who make my house alive with love.

And I always, always, think of my friend Melissa who lost her baby boy just hours after his birth. I can't read her blog without a tissue in hand, and a prayer to God, thanking him for my children, my family, and strong people like Melissa as examples. The tears are already flowing!
This particular post reminds me to embrace my messy house, and be a better person. Thank you, Melissa.

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