Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wiggly things

Since Spring arrived 8 months ago, our boys have been outside digging up bugs. At first the excitement was all about lifting up bricks to discover spiders, sow bugs, ear wigs and ants. Odin would let out a big, BUUUUUUU!" And Zadok would run over all wide eyed and ready to pick up anything that wiggled.

(these two top photos were taken by Sarah, our photographer friend)

We made a point to learn all the names for the different bugs and insects we didn't recognize. We checked out books at the library on grasshoppers and worms, ladybugs, and centipedes.....Zadok would say one day, "My, that ant has a large thorax," and I would think, "Yes! and I know what that is, now! I'm a bug mom!"

The latest excitement, however, has been our bug aquarium. It started out with one Praying Mantis, that Zadok and Micah found outside. We've now upgraded to three Praying Mantis's, 10 grasshoppers, and whatever moths we find around the house.

It is the excitement of our day when one of our Praying Mantis's gets hungry and catches a grasshopper. It's wild to see them on the hunt!

Odin now loves to run over to the glass and yell "BUGS!" Zadok loves to sit there and observe. He's always running over to tell me, "A grasshopper is missing a leg, one of the moths is being eaten alive, a mantis just shed his skin, there's a grasshopper eating another dead grasshopper!"
There's always something going on in there to amaze us.

Zadok named our three Praying Mantises,
"Papa Zoinks, Thum Thum, and No Name."

Gotta love that kid for originality.

Grandpa Bill got Zadok and Odin a Praying Mantis finger puppet. They've been reenacting the hunt, with many laughs and giggles....and wiggles.


redrockmama said...

Love it! How neat!

Unknown said...

That's way more exciting science than any kindergarten class i ever taught.yippeee!