Thursday, October 29, 2009

30 days of Happiness-- It's Winter!

Totally fine, now. Feeling the Winter spirit! It really helped yesterday to just get out there and embrace the snow; wipe it off my car windows, drive around in it, pull my kids in the sled, throw a few snowballs.
Later in the day we threw a Halloween party for our church girls, and that really made my day. We made Monster cards, did balloon races, listened to spooky music, and ate Hot chocolate and donuts! Mmmmmm Winter, and laughing, silly, happy friends!

Things that made me laugh this week:

*My older brother Joe and his girlfriend and kids live in Tahiti. She is from a small island called Faaite. We were laughing because this island is so small, that when you google search Faaite, his and his girlfriend's pictures pop up. Ha ha! Go see if you can find Joe.

*"When life gives you dilemmas, make dilemonade." (A quote from a facebook friend.)

*Odin not only runs away and screams when I want to change his diaper, he now yells, "Help me! Help me! Help me!", in a loud, shrieking voice.
It always sounds great to whoever is passing by.

*Micah is busily working at his school work, and taking his Praxis in two weeks! The tunnel is getting lighter!

*My aerobics classes are going awesome! Zadok has been content to let me exercise while he plays with his friends. I've really noticed a difference in my mood during the week, just knowing that I get to have that time to myself, and then feeling more motivated to give my all, to my kids, the rest of the time.

*Doing things for other people always makes me happier. Note-to-self: when I am feeling down, sew a mei-Tai and give it away....or something. It really works!

*It's Halloween in 2 days!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad Zadok adjusted to the new situation - I thought he would. yay!

I know - me too - when i get depressed it sure does help to do something for someone else & stop focusing on moa.

Love you Sal - your mama