Thursday, October 15, 2009

30 days of Happiness-- Little Girls

I adore them. All 10 of them! When I was asked by my Bishop to take this volunteer job at my church, my first thought was, "I don't have time for this!" But a year later, it is one of the highlights of my life, and something I have somehow found special time for.

We are LDS, which means we are an organized religion. We meet each Sunday in large congregations, we join in classes and discussion groups, learning and teaching about the gospel of Christ. Every single member gives his time in service, which we means we are all asked to volunteer for a job. Nobody gets paid, and nobody gets left out. We are expected to look after one another, following the example of Christ, and through our dedication, we come to realize we love the ones we serve.

My particular job is to facilitate activities of spiritual growth and self achievement for little girls ages 8-11.
Twice a month we meet up and do some sort of activity to help these girls realize how truly amazing they are and the effect they can have in our world. We do service projects, we do cooking and crafts, we play games, we work on hygiene and self-care, we learn new talents and skills, and be really, really silly most of the time! (their rambunctious energy rubs off on me!)

Last year I taught them the Hukilau Hula and we then performed it at a senior center here in town. They loved it, Later on they invited me to watch them all perform for their elementary school talent show.

This past month we built a "diaper" cake for my co-leader who just had a baby.

My little group of girls makes me happy!

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