Monday, October 19, 2009

30 days of Happiness-- These days

Today was an absolutely beautiful, sunny, Autumn day. The wind was so strong that it was blowing all the leaves off of the trees in humungous quantities. As we were coming back from the park, and down our street, we had to stop and stare at this amazing view in front of us!
There were leaves being torn and pulled from every tree lining the street, flying through the air like torpeedos, twirling through the air like wild dancers, charging wrecklessly down the street like castrated bulls, blowing uncontrollably in every direction! It was a phenomenal sight to see, with yellows, oranges, browns and reds, mesmerizing our very eyes!

We decided to follow some of the leaves. They took us on a zig zagging trail, back and forth and down the street, until we came to a small hill, covered with....more leaves!

Zadok and I raked the leaves into large piles. Odin sat in the middle, smiling a big smile. We ran and jumped in those leaves. We rolled in those leaves. We threw those leaves into each others hair. We buried Odin in leaves until all we could see was his big, brown eyes. We three sat there and sang a silly tune,

"If I were a leaf, a leaf, a leaf,
If I were a leaf,
I'd twirl in the air like this!

If I were a leaf, a leaf, a leaf,
If I were a leaf,
I'd blow through the air like this!

If I were a leaf, a leaf, a leaf,
If I were a leaf,
I'd fall to the ground like this!"

We spend our days much like this one; Wandering, exploring, and finding silly things to do. I love my children so much (so much!!!) and I feel so lucky that I get to play with them like this every day. These are the greatest days of my life. We don't need anything special to do, or anything special to buy. Most days we just walk out the door and find a sidewalk to sit on, or a patch of grass to lie in, and there we find happiness, because we are together.
And when Micah gets home, we have the most fun lying on the carpet watching our kids play. I love these days.


Melodie said...

What a beautiful day! That's my idea of a great tine too. It would be so fun to hang out with you one day Sally.

Unknown said...

Wonderful Sal! I just read an article proclaiming the immense value in just having the freedom to wander, explore and find the true riches and beauty of life rather than be strapped down by some materialistic, dead-end, non-fulfilling venture. Yay for you and your amazing ability to describe it so well in writing. That's my daughter. love you much, Momma

tracy said...

Sally, I love reading your brings me joy! Thank you for sharing your days with us. I long to go back to those early days of motherhood when playing in the leaves all day was a much more common event than it is now. Enjoy this time, savor it, for it will be gone all too soon and they will have commitments that stretch your family time thin...activity days, mutual, classes, lessons, interests, study all takes away from just being together as a family. Both stages are wonderful - but they are very different.

Love you!

Sally Jackson said...

Melodie, I think we would be great pals! I know your a silly Mom, a nature loving Mom, and a spontaneous fun Mom! Right up my alley!

Mom, My fondest memories are going for walks around the block by our house, or walking down the beach and looking for shells.

Tracy, Thanks for reminding that these days are so precious. Sometimes I think it will always be like this, but I know it will change so much and I will miss these young children!