Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flashback Friday- It's Halloween again?

I decided about a month ago I wanted to be a witch for Halloween, because I've never been anything spooky. And I like the idea of walking around with a large, warty nose, cackling at my children. However, each time I've tried on my costume, (at Zadok's request,) Odin has freaked out! (I'm not scaring him-he freaks out when I put on a baseball cap any day of the week)
So, we don't know what we're going to be. Zadok is back and forth about a dog, or a Ninja, or Spiderman again. Odin could care less. Micah might paint his face. Is this really important? Yes! I love Halloween! It's always been one of my most favorite celebrations. Why? Because the dramatic actress in me gets to dress up and imagine I am another character for a whole day, using funny accents, fake hair, cheesy lines from movies....and nobody will stare at me funny-- because it's Halloween!

This is Halloween last year.

Spiderman, our friend the BumbleBee, Spongebob and Patrick, at an Elementary school Carnival In Enterprise, UT:

What are you going to be????


redrockmama said...

I wish I knew! I'd really like to dress up this year because last year I didn't. It is so fun! I wanted to be a fairy with Ashlyn, or a character from Star Wars with Ethan...I thought about a witch or a bee, etc. What I want to be most is a sexy lady cop, and have Doug dress up like a felon. Hah! Then I got to thinking that I probably couldn't pull that off. But it's a funny idea!

arianne said...

Erika, I don't think you'd have any problem with the sexy lady part. Doug as a felon might be a stretch however.

I'm going to be a princess. Sophia says she'll be a witch. (She changes her mind all the time.) Sam wants to be a skeleton. Logan a bumblebee. The exact costume Adria is wearing in that photo, actually.