Monday, November 30, 2009

Babywearing babes

One of the sweetest, heartwarming things is seeing the little ones imitate their Moms and Dads in good parenting! When little boys and little girls are tending to their dolls, baby-ing their babies, and practicing doing what their parents do--they are becoming little nurturers.

It's been neat to watch my friend's little ones growing up and imitating their parents. I see little girls nursing their dollies, little boys pushing strollers, and babywearing babes carrying their precious cargo around- just like Mom and dad! It is so sweet!

I think the way we teach our children to love and nurture will help them to define what kind of parents they want to be. We live in such a generation where babies are objectified; carried almost non-stop in car-seats, (like luggage!), and then bottles are propped to get more "stuff" done. It seems that babies are being pushed away more often than they are held.

The warmth of human touch, the closeness of a mother or father's breath and body, the rhythm of body movement, the bonding and closeness, are all a priceless time in that first year of life +, for parents and babies alike.
When a Mother is having issues with milk supply, one of the best pieces of advice is to carry her baby in a sling. There is a hormone called Oxytocin, which is also referred to as the "love" hormone. When a nursing mother carries her baby next to her warm chest, that hormone is triggered, and more milk is produced. Amazing!

These are several of the toddler size Mei-Tais I've sewed this past year and given to the children of babywearing friends. It's fun to watch them imitate their moms and dads. Weather they are watching their parents carry new siblings, or they have been carried themselves, I think they will always know and remember that babies are meant to be held close.

And lets not forget babywearing boys. This picture is from a year 1/2 ago, but Zadok used to love wearing his baby "just like Micah."
We hope to be positive role models for our kids, so they will want to be nurturing fathers to their own sweet babies, someday.

For more of my thoughts on babywearing, there's a little label to the right over there titled "babywearing." Thanks Adria, Sophie, Keira, Ashlyn, and Zadok, for sharing your babywearing pictyres with me!


arianne said...

This is a wonderful post. You have been so generous making all those baby carriers. And that hobo bag looks really neat. I'd like to learn how to make one.

redrockmama said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this blog post. These toddlers and their babies are priceless and I truly believe it reflects the kinds of parents they will be to their own children. So neat!!!

Andi-roo said...

aww, those pictures are so cute!! but those kids are way showing me up...i still don't know how to wear a baby on my back!

Nancey said...

Sooo, cute, Sally. Thanks for taking me down memory lane...only a couple of years/lifetimes ago, right?

Melodie said...

Dear Sally - I love your Mei-Tais! Would you make me one? Seriously, I would love to buy one from you for my girls. It's extra special having something handmade by someone you know and admire, even if only through our blogs. Please let me know if you would consider it. bfingmomsuniteATgmailDOTcom

chelsea mckell said...

So I'm starting to think that YOU wrote the book I'm reading :) Or you have it all committed to heart. You sound exactly like the beautiful words I've been soaking up in The Womanly Art of Bfing. I'm almost halfway through. I'm definitely ordering my own copy. It's WAY better than the other bfing books I've read!