Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Hobo Baggie

I made my first "Hobo" bag last week for Micah's birthday. He'd been asking me for one for quite a while, but I wasn' feeling motivated to try something new, so I kept putting it off forever.

My Mom taught me how to make Hobo bags. She sells them at the Hana, Maui farmers market, sometimes. She makes them in all sorts of funky, cool Hawaiian fabrics. She does custom orders for friends. My mom often finds something she likes to sew, then goes crazy making a million of them. (Like her homemade Christmas pot holders) I'm the same way, and have been wanting to make something else besides my millions of baby slings.

So, I attempted the Hobo. I started cutting it out several days before the birthday, then was calling my Mom frantically asking questions about how to piece it together!
Well, here it is! It was actually really easy to do, and Micah loved it. Phew! It's really fun trying new things!

And a matching pen role holder! (More on those later)



chelsea mckell said...

Love it! I'm very impressed.... especially since sewing is on my list of reasons I'm domestically retarded.... I can't do it. I've never really tried though. I love the fabric. So you grew up on Maui? I thought it was there a Shark's Cove on Maui too? I figured you were talking about the one on the North Shore. Anyways... nice job!

Trish&Heath said...

You are SO talented! i love reading your blog - you express yourself so well!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I love the fabric(s).

Sally Jackson said...

Chelsea, My Mom lives on Maui now. But yes, I grew up on Oahu!

Teresa Langston <3 said...

Where can i find a patten to make that hobo bag? I love it!