Monday, November 23, 2009

Excited for Recycling

I learned a sad fact last Earth Day, which was, that only 30% of Utahns recycle their unwanted waste. This number has haunted me terribly, considering there are 2,736,424 Utahns living in Utah, all consuming, using, and disposing of waste each day!(July 2009 census)
Utah is one of the most`beautiful, most natural, States in the U.S., yet there are people taking advantage of this beauty, and not thinking of the effects their trash has on the world. It doesn't seem right. It seems like you should need a special permit saying, "I RECYCLE," in order to go skiing in the mountains, hiking in the forests, or boating on the lakes. I cringe when I go upstairs to throw out my garbage, only to find my neighbors have filled the trash can with plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. I wish that they knew how simple and effective it would be to just recycle.

To make recycling even easier, a big recycling plant, called Pure Recycling, just re-opened here in Cedar City! They had a grand opening party, with free food and music. But the greatest part was touring the recycle plant. Just seeing the great, big machines, and piles of bottles and cans, made my heart happy!

Inside the recycle plant here in Cedar City.

Some more bottles to recycle!

Dancing and grooving to some live music.

Micah gave Z a tour of the plant. Recycling is something that we will teach our children, is a normal part of life.

Recycling is much like getting the chance to birth something new and beautiful in the world. It's definitely something to get excited about. This pile of junk really struck me as we were walking out. All this stuff is going to be sorted and turned into something new. Now imagine this junk in our landfills instead; seeping into our rivers and oceans, polluting our soils, and turning this beautiful world into a giant junk pile itself. That's not what I want, do you?


Zen Mama said...

Happy happy happy! My children recycle, but we have not been to tour a plant. I need to find out if we can do so out here -- they would love it and it would certainly help round out their education!

arianne said...

This is so cool. I wish we could have gone that day and seen it. Glad you posted photos. Happy Thanksgiving! Let's hang out when we get back in town.

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Wow! I want to see a recycling plant! We have to drive our paper to a big recycling dumpster in the Smith's parking lot. Maybe I can figure out where there's a recycling plant and take a tour! What a cool idea!

chelsea mckell said...

I'm so glad you posted about this. When we first moved to Cedar, I was thrilled that there was a big recycling receptacle outside of Walmart. It's less than a mile from our house, and I didn't have to sort things. So I just kept a recycling bag at home and took a trunkload over once a week. Then one day a few months ago the big recycling dumpster was gone! I asked the Walmart manager about it and he said the company that did the recycling had left Cedar. I was so bummed. I called the Cedar Chamber of Commerce and they said there was no where in town to recycle. I felt like I was losing my soul as I threw away paper and plastics. I had heard about this event, but it was the same day as the swap meet. I wish I could've gone! I'll give these people a call and find out exactly where I need to go and what I can bring there to recycle. I miss Provo where we had curbside recycling!

Unknown said...

Amen to this - similar situation in Hawaii- unlike the Pacific Northwest where it's ingrained in the culture