Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Robot

Witchy, Witchy
Screamy, screamy,
Happy Happy Halloweeny!

Our camera broke about a month ago so we became completely dependent on friends to capture our Halloween Day for us. (Thanks Erika for the pix!)

We had such a fun day. Zadok decided 2 weeks prior to Halloween that he wanted to be a Robot. So, we got a cardboard box, spray painted it silver, then went to the thrift shop and picked out all kinds of gadgets and circuits to glue on. We even found a real push-light so he could light up at night. He loved it!

Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that trick-or-treating with a walking box isn't the most pleasant. First of all, he had to walk very slow because the box confined his legs. Secondly, when walking up steps to retrieve candy from doorsteps, he couldn't lift his knees very high, and often tripped and fell forwards. At one point he fell onto his back and couldn't get up. He lied there on the sidewalk frantically waving his arms and legs before a parent could rescue him.
It reminded me of the little boy in "The Christmas Story", who is stuck in his giant snow suit. I tried really hard not to giggle because he was just so upset. Zadok was just the cutest robot ever. Sufficed to say, we didn't stay out too long, which is probbly better because we don't really need all that candy.

What a fun Halloween! A party for the littles at a friends house, trick-or-treating, and a good nights sleep at the end! Can't wait for next year!


Andi-roo said...

aww, zadok is the cutest little robot!! did odin dress up as anything?


Sally Jackson said...

Hi Andi!!!
Nope, Odin refused to wear his "turtle-suit", so ended uop being nothing. Just Odin, scavenging for candy. :)