Friday, November 27, 2009

Proud Milestones

It seems that every time I am having a hard time understanding the changing behaviors of my kids, and then after letting myself get all frustrated and caught up in the woes of parenting, they suddenly reach these huge developmental milestones!

I've had this discussion with several friends who feel the same way; Right when you are exasperated beyond belief and think your children are going to go through these rough phases forever, they suddenly hit you with all these amazing new skills. All of a sudden they are doing, and saying, and behaving in new and exciting ways! And now you're going, "Who is this kid? He's all grown up and awesome!"

Maybe that's where the term "growing pains" comes from. I can relate to it, in my own adult life. I know that the months or weeks before I reach some new epiphany or a much needed realization in my life, I am almost always going through a challenge or trial. I'll find myself frustrated as I go through that difficult learning curve, then WHAM- I'm a whole new me, with new ideas and understandings!

That must be what it's like to be a kid, because you are constantly learning, growing and changing! There must be moments of struggle and frustration within yourself as you are discovering who you are and what you can do in this world. And then-WHAM- you've reached new milestones!

I hope I can remember to be patient and understanding, as my children go through these hard phases, and then reach the amazing milestones. That's all part of growing up, I suppose.

Here's a few of the big steps Zadok has taken this past month, as he's been growing and changing before our eyes:

*He's taken crayon-coloring more seriously, and has been focused on completing an entire page in a coloring book.

*He's become less shy and more extrovert. (He made up a song and sung it for his entire class at church.)

*He wants to do more things "all by himself." (like build a snowman, put on his own clothes, make his own food, and play toys (gasp!) alone)

*He's been playing with his little brother more, and finding fun things for them to do while Mom is busy. (Like teaching Odin how to fly)

*He wants to be a different character every day (not so new), however, his characters have become more descriptive and complex. (Like, "today I am a Ornithomimus dinosaur, who is a carnivore, who has the defense mechanism to run fast.")

*He makes up funny stories and songs, that make us laugh.

*He says beautiful, heartfelt prayers all by himself. He knows that his Heavenly Father loves him very much.

*Last week, he wanted to give our weekly Family Home Evening lesson all by himself. He talked to us about snails, did a puppet show, and had us sing songs. It was fantastic, and brought tears to my eyes.

*He has a favorite friend who he can spend hours and hours playing with.

Our little baby is grown up! He's not a baby anymore, he's not a toddler anymore, he's an actual kid! And we are proud parents!


Micah said...

And when I put on a chipanzee mask the other day, Odin said it was "funny"

chelsea mckell said...

Such a beautiful post! I love the way you write. I'm so glad you found my blog! Yeah, I'm a little blog crazy... I post almost everyday... maybe if I focused on QUALITY instead of quantity I'd have beautiful posts like this one! I just love it. You're such a great mother.

Unknown said...