Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby Mamas (Put A Sling On Em!)

I laughed so hard I cried! So creative, so fun, makes you want to dance...with your baby! Thanks to sling mama Leigh out in Manhattan who created this fab Baby Mamas sling video. Check out the making of this mama song on her blog, Marvelous Kiddos.


Trish&Heath said...

HA, HA! I love it! I totally wante dto be one of the dancers while i was watching that. I guess Rhett gets that from me! You should check out my blog I finally posted something - a video of Rhett performing a dance he made up on the spot at Paul Mitchell!
ps - he plays a different role everyday too! He was also a king today!

ashley said...

sally! congrats on #3, i am really excited for you and your fam! hope your feeling good and all is well!

chelsea mckell said...