Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meadow Hot Springs

I'd like to say we are a Hot Springs family. We actively go looking for free, warm hot springs to splash in, and soak our bodies in. This particular one is down a long road, in the middle of cow fields. It feels surreal to be there, surrounded by snow and cows.I brought my snorkel along and dove down to the bottom. I felt like I was in the ocean, sans the sea life.
When Micah and I first got married we went hot spring-skinny dipping a few times in Spanish Fork. Yes, we were the naked hippie couple who didn't care if anyone was looking. (Sorry Boy Scouts and BYU students.)
Here we are below at Meadow Hot Springs, Utah. Happy Hot Springs!

This particular Hot springs is on private land, but the owners let people come soak anytime you want. They just ask that you keep it "family."

I found this old photo from the fist time we took Zadok to our springs. Wasn't he the cutest??


Andi-roo said...

wow! that looks so cool! swimming in natural warm water in the middle of a snowy winter! i'd love to visit and join you guys someday! -andi

Unknown said...

Me too - that looks awesome. Also looks like grammy needs to buy Zadok a bigger rashguard.

Sarah said...

I love Meadows hot springs. I've been nervous about taking my kids, though, because it's so deep. Looks like you guys braved it just fine, though! I'll have to consider doing the same. :)

chelsea mckell said...

whoawhoawhoa - is that near us?? YOU MUST TELL ME WHERE THAT IS! If it's not too far, I'm totally IN! please send info!! :)

Oh - and we used to live in SF and totally go laugh at the naked hippies going to the hot springs :)

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Sally! These are my favorite hot springs of all time! They're so good because they have no sulfur and they're so CLEAN and CLEAR. Awesome.