Monday, December 7, 2009

King for a Day

Our 3 1/2 year old wakes up a new character every day. He lives in a world of imagination and make-believe, where his characters become who he is, in the moment.
I hope he doesn't grow out of this for a long time. Sometimes he needs props, other times he is fine with just imagining.

At 7am (last week) he woke up to say, "I want to be a King today! "I'll need a crown, a cape, a sword, and a shield."
So, with some felt, some fabric, some cardboard, some scissors, and some glue, by 8:30am we had a King.

I love this kid!

I asked him, "What does a King do?" and he replied, "You know, sit in a throne, wear a crown....fight bad guys.' NOW, I know! Wish I could be a King for a day!


redrockmama said...

Love it, Sally!!

Andi-roo said...

aww, i love the picture of him sitting in the chair...he looks like his jester is boring him or something. and congrats on the new one! :o)

chelsea mckell said...

King Z would probably do a better job running this kingdom!

Jana Neser said...

Sally you are the coolest Mom ever!