Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pulling for Girl

I really decided lately that I would like us to have a baby girl. With the first two I didn't have any preferences, and didn't care what gender came out. But, I am crossing fingers for girl now. I think because she might be quieter, and maybe less dramatic. :) Plus, she'll have the two coolest older brothers in the world, and what sister wouldn't want that?
Hear that little sister? You'll have two big brothers who totally adore you, will teach you all sorts of tricks and wrestling moves, and will probably make you laugh every day. Oh, and two parents who love you and promise not to put one of those giant bows on your head.

I was trying to picture our future little girl, and was having a hard time visualizing...until I remembered we dressed up Zadok as a girl for his first Halloween. (mostly for lack of costume). I think she's going to be a doll!

(a good-natured little Z, entertaining his Mom)


chelsea mckell said...

That's hilarious! Someday Z will just looooove that picture :)
I hope you get a girl too! Though I wouldn't count on less drama with one... from what I've heard, anyway.

Zen Mama said...

WHEN you have your little girl I'm going to get her a bow bigger than her head so people see the bow instead of the beautiful baby.

waaaaaiiiiiiit ... that's not right.

(and yet?)


arianne said...

If she's as cute as Zadok in that picture, you'll be doing just fine!

redrockmama said...

Hate to break it, but girls are pretty dramatic! Fun, delightful and oh-so-loving...but dramatic! Hehe :)

I can't WAIT to find out if you're having a boy or a girl!

Wendy said...

After having two boys I was set on having a girl and then when the ultrasound told me a boy I was in shock. I got to the elevator and that's when I lost it. Took me a few minutes and some pizza and then I was ok. Love my three Musketeers!

I hope for you that you get a girl. I want to make her some cute booties:)

Sally Jackson said...

Ha ha. I was totally kidding about a girl being less dramatic. I know plenty of little girls full of drama and loudness!
But, I think I will be okay if it's a girl--just not sure how many times I want to do this pregnancy thing--so hoping for another gender here to fill our family basket!