Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me Sleeping

For some reason Micah likes to take pictures of us sleeping. This particular picture was to prove that we never make room for him in the bed at night. Whooops....The family sandwhich is getting smooshy, and smooshier.

It's kind of creepy sharing a picture of me sleeping. It feels like you might try to steal my dreams or something. I mostly dream about Humpback whales, and randomn people I don't know. So if that's your kind of dream thing, you can look at this picture.


Anonymous said...

aww..ur babies are so cute..may god bless your family

Unknown said...

That is awesome. Probably cuz of those nights Micah's away at "camping work" (I know, I know, he doesn't actually go out camping anymore but isn't that still what Zadok calls it?), you guys get used to sprawling out a little more. LOL

p.s. these funny words they have us typing at the bottom just kill me.

redrockmama said...

I love the family bed picture!!