Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Christmasy Feeling

When I was 22, and living with a couple roommates at Keiki Beach, I felt like Christmas was just the overwhelming, and daunting task of running around desperately looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family. I remember one year being in Old Navy the day before Christmas, angrily pulling my hair out because I didn't know what to get my sister! "So this is Christmas", I concluded. That, and the fact that our family was all grown up and separated, and my parent's were divorced, meant to me that Christmas just wasn't the magical, warm-homey filled love-fest it used to be. Oh well.
That year, however, I had a roommate named Pepper, who came from a large family, who's Christmas's happened to be the most important thing on the planet. As we were all living away from our families, she insisted we make our home the epitome of Christmas magic!
First, she convinced us to pitch in and get a Christmas tree (a large sump of $$ in the islands), decorate it with homemade ornaments, and fill the entire house with lights and Holiday decorations. Her enthusiasm started to rub off on me, as we sang along to uplifting Christmas music, decorated sugar cookies, and delivered goodies to neighbors. She was like a little Elf, running around busily spreading cheer to everyone around her. On Christmas Eve we slept out under the Christmas tree with us roommates, and a few other close friends. The soft glow of the lights from the tree, cast a warm shadow across our faces as we slept. There was an overwhelming feeling of goodness and love in the air. In the morning we woke up and exchanged small, and thoughtful gifts. I will never forget that Christmas!

Now that I have my own family, I know that Christmas doesn't have to be forgotten, stressful, or overwhelming. It simply starts with the magic-- the sounds, the smells, the colors, the tastes, the giving, and the feelings of goodness in the air, are what Christmas should be all about. That's the Christmasy feeling I want in our home, as we create traditions and generate feelings of Christmasy happiness throughout the years.
And for us, Christmas doesn't exist without Christ. He is the ultimate feeling behind all things good. He is the Spirit of Christmas that prevails over everything. We love Him and celebrate His birth, and that is a huge part of why we do what we do. I was so grateful that Pepper's love for Christmas extended from her love for Christ, and she was able to pass that feeling on to me.

Merry Christmas, and may everyone have that Christmasy feeling, however you choose to celebrate!

Scenes from the Season:

Our only attempt at a Family Portrait. Sad, I know. Someday our 3 year old will stop refusing to look at the camera....someday.

Zadok holding hands with his little friend Ethan at the Christmas parade:

Me and Odi, looking for the perfect tree:

Cutting down our tree from the National Forrest:

A Fun Day with Friends at the North Pole fest:

The Lights at Temple Square:


chelsea mckell said...

You got a great smile out of Zadok on that last photo!

Your story of your Christmas on the beach with friends sounds exactly like the Christmas I could use right now. My favorite Christmas ever was also one spent in Hawaii - kayaking in Kailua. If only I had a time machine...
This was good for me to read. I've been a little bah-humbug lately.

Merry Christmas!

Sally Jackson said...

Yes, Zadok is good at spontaneous photos, just nothing planned like a nice, family photo!

Thanks Chelsea and have a wonderful Christmas. Wish I was kayaking in kailua instead of being snowed in!

arianne said...

Great post!